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SOCIETY & TRUST REGISTRATION SERVICES IN CALICUT Registration of Society & Trust is done with different purposes, aims and objectives like Educational Society, Religious Society, Housing Society, Public Charitable Society, Women Welfare Society, Child Welfare Society, Orphanage Society, to save Nature and Environment, Old Age home society, to save Art and Culture, Rural development society, urban development society etc.
IMPORT EXPORT CODE CERTIFICATION IN CALICUT Import Export (IE) Code is a registration required for persons importing or exporting goods and services from India. IE Code is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. IE Codes when issued can be used by the entity throughout its existence and doesn't require any renewal or filing.
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CREDIT RATING SERVICES IN CALICUT The credit rating represents an evaluation of a credit rating agency of the qualitative and quantitative information for the prospective debtor, including information provided by the prospective debtor and other non-public information obtained by the credit rating agency's analysts. It is an evaluation of credit worthiness, which is done by consumer credit reporting agency.
SALES TAX REGISTRATION SERVICES IN CALICUT Sales Tax Registration is mandatory for any business entity engaged in the sale of goods in India. No VAT is levied on goods exported from India. VAT is collected and governed by the State Government. So each State Government in India has distinct rules applicable for their State based on the type of good manufactured.
SERVICE TAX REGISTRATION SERVICES IN CALICUT Service Tax Registration is a tax registration required for businesses providing services in India. It is an indirect tax where in the service provider pays the tax and recovers the same from the recipient of the taxable service.It is required if the annual turnover of the business crosses Rs. 5 lakhs in most states.